The rules of our site can be located in the IMPORTANT section of our forum.

We are a small, yet up-and-coming roleplaying adoptables website, and welcome everyone. Like all adoptable websites, we at the Anima Adoption Agency have set rules and regulations. While roleplaying a Companion is entirely up to the user owning, receiving and winning a Companion has its own specifications.


Custom Companions are the Companions that are usually purchased with USD, though there are times when Site Muny can be spent as well. There are five levels of Custom Companions, which can be located here. Please be aware that prices are subject to change, and an artist must be available for Custom Slots. Feel free to Private Message an artist and discuss with them if you'd like a slot. Arists are also permitted to deny any request made, and may charge an extra fee for overly complicated add-ons.


My First Companion is a collar that one can purchase in the Site's Shop with Site Muny. It is a slighty discounted Onyx tag for users to get their very first Companion. To qualify, you cannot own a single companion at the time of redemption. A user must recieve 30 out of 45 days of activity points to keep their MFC, or the Companion will be reclaimed. Activity points count as roleplaying alone or with others, posting in the Chit Chat threads, entering contests, or commenting on So I Read Your RP threads. Once purchased, the collar will be sent to the artist accepting MFC's. Send Owner, Companion Type (Normal, Demi, Viridi, or artist's choice), Tag Type, (Domestic, Stray, Wild, or artist's choice), Sex, and a list of creatures/plants you DO NOT like or want for a Companion when you send the item.


Site Run Event Companions are Companions that are won through events held by the staff members of the site. Many of these Companions are given through games or writing contests, and are yours to keep to do whatever you see fit, as long as they follow parameters set up by the event rules. Some common Site Run Events include Breeding Seasons, periodic smaller games, and larger events for holidays and the site's anniversary.


User Run Event Companions are Companions that are won through events held by the users of the site. These events are generated and run entirely by the user with no staff involvement whatsoever. The rules and regulations must be followed and that user has every right to tell you "no" and to reclaim the companion should you not follow their written rules.


Breeding Season Events are held a few times a year by the artists of the site. There are different rules and stipulations involved, and each breeding event is different. This is a largely anticipated event as the users Companions are involved in the creation of the newest Companion. Many of the sites craziest combinations have spawned through Breeding Season.