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Title: 25 things about me
Post by: PonyMama on April 29, 2014, 05:00:46 PM
This is a game of sorts, I know you all have these threads and right now although I would love to join, I just don't have the mental stability to deal with questions all the time so I will share 25 things about myself

and anyone else after that may hijack this thread and post 25 things about themselves if they want

1. I am extremely emotional.  I can go from crying to screaming in the blink of an eye, all the while being very very hurt still.
2. I like things my way.  Yes I can follow directions but in my home I am the boss
3. I love pop.  Actually it is the caffeine, but I don't like coffee
4. I embarrass easily, and you will know it, I avoid eye contact and get very red in the face.
5. I am a door mat, I can deal with a lot of stuff, and hold it all in and break when I am alone, but will continue to allow people to treat me badly as long as they are around me
6. I have a hard time connecting to people (see above note) but even worse in crowds.  I can not do group chatting (online or in person) without feeling overwhelmed.
7. I do not drive, because too many people drive like fools and I am scared, I know I should go get the license, but I can't bring myself to get into he drivers seat without panic settling in.
8. My favourite colour is blue, but I wear a lot of pink because it looks better on me
9. Once I get into a good book, I lose sight of everything else around me until I finish it....or it's series.
10. when I can get some money together, that is not earmarked for tattoos or shoes I am getting my boobs done (not for size but to fill them out)
11. I am terrified to start dating again, in hopes my husband will get his crap together and see what he had in me, but even more so I don't want to have to show my very flabby everything to some other guy and explain my sexual history
12. My biggest pet peeve is someone trying to overrule me or discipline my children while I am right there
13. I LOVE SHOES!  I was never allowed to buy any cause apparently everyone elses crap was more important then one little piece of confidence booster for me.
14. I collect vintage dishes (I am sure we all know this)
15.  Apparently I collect purses too, since I was never allowed shoes
16. I have always put my needs/wants/desires on hold for everyone around me
17. I love to write although I don't feel I am strong at it, but it makes me feel happy, but have to be happy to write.  All my RP characters (companions) are a piece of me
18. I can hold a grudge like nobody's business, but after some time or an apology I can usually let all wounds heal and just move on.
19. I am terrified of spiders, stinging things, and heights (I can be on a plane for hours and not remove myself from my seat) I can't go on swings either
20. I REFUSE to use public washrooms unless I know for fact they were cleaned right before I use it (makes long road trips interesting)
21. I worry how people will look at me, so my own personal style is squished under this more grown up version of how I should be and look
22. I have server body issues due to being 125lbs as a teen but after kids I was over 260lbs.  I do not want to be so small again, but want to be under 200.
23. My favourite companion is Kodi.  I adore how gentle he is with my sweetheart, and Gracie is so patient with me and got me through a very rough few weeks, I must have really messed up her sleeping pattern and I owe her big time
24. I consider many people I know online my good friends, while I have no friends around me in the RL, and other then having nobody to go out with when I need a break, it doesn't bug me
25. Although I have no issue with open relationships, I can't be in one, and I have never before been jealous, but after the crap I have gone through, I realize that was because I never had someone push me to that point where I could feel less secure with me that I would feel that emotion before.

So yep that's me