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Title: Character MBTI
Post by: Kovyx on June 08, 2015, 10:02:20 AM
So an obsession of mine has been all of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators, and I've become really good at determining people's personalities, I'm pretty sure. If you don't know what they are well, here's a not as quick explanation as I thought it would be.

In psychology, there are four main aspects to personality.. well, there are more, but they can all be considered subcategories to these main four. Each aspect has distinctly opposing traits, and once having determined which you are, it makes a combination of four letters.

Energy - Introverted vs Extroverted [ I vs E ]
Attention - Sensing vs iNtuitive [ S vs N ]
Decision Making - Thinking vs Feeling [ T vs F ]
Life Style - Judging vs Perceiving [ J vs P ]

Determining which you are is often times difficult, due to misunderstandings of the aspect's traits, or sometimes combinations of traits from other aspects can resemble another aspect. For example..

A sensing-feeling type might be mistaken for an extrovert, due to the love of experiencing new things.
Introverts aren't necessarily shy or anxious, nor are all extroverts specifically outgoing and fun loving.
A sensing-thinking type might be mistaken for a judging type, due to using hard logic for practical means.
Judging types aren't always judgmental or harsh, nor are feeling types always ditsy or thinking types always cold-hearted.

I vs E is where one gets their energy. Introverts get their energy from being alone and doing their own thing, and though they may not necessarily ever be opposed to socializing, it still takes energy from them. An Extrovert however, feeds off of other people's energy and is at ease around others, and typically when alone they might feel anxious and lonely after a while.
S vs N is where one places most of their attention. A Sensing type is always looking around, likes taking in every detail of their surroundings and is often a bit more literal in thinking. The physical world is where their mind is, puts a lot of value on practicality. An iNtuitive type on the other hand, spends a lot of their time in their head, musing about theories and tries to look at the whole picture at once, instead of all the tedious details.
T vs F is fairly self explanatory, most people can determine this one after being around someone for only a couple hours. A Thinking type will prefer using solid logic for decision making, and will often go for whatever is the most efficient/effective choice. A Feeling type would prefer to take other people's opinions into consideration, and will make their choices going on how they believe things would turn out best for everyone.
J vs P is hard to explain, but the essentials of it is how they play out their day. A Judging type likes taking things slowly so they have time to plan out their moves, and they value justice above most things. Meanwhile Perceiving types are often spontaneous and plan on the go, if at all. They're more lenient on the topic of what's right and wrong, and don't often feel it's their place to evaluate others or their actions until they know as much as they can about the situation.

These aren't set in stone however, there are almost never complete absolutes. While MBTI represent one's basic core personality, meaning it can only change just a little during certain stages of development [much like IQ], a lot of people have habits that don't very well follow their personality type because of the situation or their upbringing. Because of this, most people have one or two variants; meaning they're also part of the opposing side to one of their aspects, although they're still predominantly one or the other.
For example, I am an INTP, with variants of S and F. I like my time alone, I tend to be in my head a lot, I use logic to solve problems, and I prefer planning on the go. Being 100% introverted, it can't do socialization for very long and I will often find my energy being sapped by extroverts. Being also 100% perceiving, a few people could say my moral values are screwed up, but this is only because some crimes I don't see as being bad because sometimes they're necessary for the greater good. Although, I am about 70% intuitive, being also 30% sensing. I enjoy taking walks and experiencing new things, and a tad more literal and practical than most of my type. However my predominantly intuitive nature still often has me spacing out and absentmindedly staring at the ground during my walks because I got wrapped up in something in my head. Lastly, I am right on the border of the decision making aspect, being exactly 50% thinking and 50% feeling. This being the case, it's often difficult for me to make decisions very quickly because I am usually stuck between how I feel about the situation and others' input on it, and what would work the best. I am however a huge fan of efficiency, thus I am predominantly thinking type, and have more than once been accused of being manipulative simply because I utilize the fact that the way something is worded can greatly affect someone's view on it.

I wonder how many people will actually read all this..

SO THEN, what are your characters' personality types? :3 If you don't know or are unsure of how to determine it, give an explanation of their personality and lifestyle, I might probably ask a few questions and I can try to determine it for you. I would so very much love to try it out, and you can check if I'm right by looking at the more detailed description of the personality type on the 16 Personalities ( website.

My characters are as listed;
Ana: INTP with variants S and F
Kory: INFP with variants E and T
Daena: ISTP with variants F and J
Aimery: ESFP with variants N and J [not full developed, viable to change]

Anyone think I should make this into a list of all the characters' MBTI?

Title: Re: Character MBTI
Post by: Midnight Phantom on June 09, 2015, 11:46:23 AM
This is actually better in the AAA discussion since helps plan our your character XD

Some of mine that I did quickly and grey area-ish

Wizard: ISTP /J
Sephiroth: ISTJ

Title: Re: Character MBTI
Post by: Kovyx on June 09, 2015, 12:20:46 PM
yeah probably ewe how would i go about moving it there without having to delete this and repost it?

so many introverts XD also ya think i should make a list of everyone's character and their mbti on the first post? :3

Title: Re: Character MBTI
Post by: Midnight Phantom on June 09, 2015, 12:47:50 PM
Up to you, but you can ask a mod to move it

Title: Re: Character MBTI
Post by: Monologue on June 19, 2015, 06:35:51 PM
Ooh, I love this test too!  The site you linked to includes a 5th element too, which I think is interesting :3

Shannon: ENTP-T
Fleurette: ISTJ-T
Meraud: ENFP-A
Callisto: INFJ-T
Atreyu: ENFJ-A

I don't know if they are all entirely accurate, but I'm happy they all are different.  I try to make my characters as individual as possible, and this confirms that they have individual identities in my head, even if they can be very similar at times. 

And bonus, I am an INTP-T (although I've waffled over the years between the P/J part)

Title: Re: Character MBTI
Post by: Star Rice on June 20, 2015, 02:57:49 AM
I'm probably ENFP, though I debated IvE in my head quite a bit. I find myself quite lonely however and it really depends on the people that I'm around if they're draining or not. If I have people in my life that are draining, i practice heavy avoidance. Dl The best way to describe it is that I tend to hand around introverted folk, because they don't need to socialize and I am happy from a persons presence alone.

It will take me.... quite a while to get a list for my characters @_@

Title: Re: Character MBTI
Post by: Korpuskat on June 21, 2015, 04:01:51 AM
I'm firmly an INTx with no particular wavering for J/P. My characters however... (will edit this later:)

Kai is particularly interesting in this measure because she started out as my persona, an extension and idealization of myself, yet is the opposite of me. |D
Cherry: I/ENFP
Cherry is a much harder F than Kai; she's very emotionally based.
Wyllow: INTJ
INTJs, called "the Mastermind" is very fitting for her.

Vivien: xNFP
Vivien is neither intro or extroverted, he's pretty well balanced between the two.

Mikki: INFJ