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An Unexpected Gift from the Dice Gods [User-Run Nidotroll Profile Contest] An Unexpected Gift from the Dice Gods [User-Run Nidotroll Profile Contest]
Add a comment: An Unexpected Gift from the Dice Gods [User-Run Nidotroll Profile Contest]

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In a suprising turn of events, after years of trying to get a successful fertile breeding roll, I finally succeeded with Kanaloa and Rezkii! I was super excited to get to play the new kiddo with their half sister, envisioning what all they might look like... and then I rolled for number of kids and ended up with twins (though literally one digit off from triplets @_@;;; )

Needless to say I had... absolutely no idea what to do with another kid. I mulled it over for about a week, toying with different people I could offer him to, different ways I could contest him out, but ultimately, I've decided that the best way for me to go about this is... A profile contest!

This here contest will be for the boy of the pair (the one on our left). I'll be keeping the demi girl - her name is going to be Maiyah :3

To enter, fill out the long profile form found HERE and post it in this thread in spoiler tags. After the deadline, I'll go through all of the entries and decide who I feel is the best fit to take home this kiddo!


END DATE: April 30th at 1:00:00 PM forum time

-Create a long form profile post for this Nidotroll boy (kid on our left in the pic), focusing on personality and his relationship with his family. Post it here in spoiler tags once finished.

-Profile posts may be edited up until the deadline, but keep in mind that entries left largely incomplete once the deadline hits will not be considered for judging.

-Only one entry per user

-Any and all users may enter this event, regardless of staff status, Companions recently won, number of Companions, etc. I am most concerned with finding him a good, active, loving home.

-You are welcome to include any additional information in his profile that you see fit (a music playlist/favorite songs, ideas you have for his future, etc).

-You are welcome to ask me any questions about the kids or their dads, and I will answer to the best of my ability (answers will go in the post below).

Spoiler: More legal-y rules, including my rehome/repossession policies • show

-While not strictly an event Companion, I would like to see the winner adhere to Event Companion activity requirements. I won't be as strict with them, but be aware that I will be keeping track.

-I reserve the right not to choose a winner and keep the kid myself if I do not feel any entry meets what I'd want to see in a new home for him.

-I reserve the right to reposess and/or rehome this Companion should the winner consistently fail to RP him and/or become inactive on the site for an overly extended period, or should they play him in a manner highly contrary/inconsistent with the character represented in this event. If I begin considering this I will contact the owner well in advance of making such a decision to discuss the situation and options.

-I reserve the right to make alterations to the rules listed here with clear notice of alterations in this thread.

Staff Staff

Hi and welcome to the new forums! You may be wondering "what is this thing?" Well, no worries! This is what's known as your portal page! You'll see it right before you log into the forums and can be accessed through the "Portal" tab. It's a quick summary of updates, staff members, a calendar, latest topics, and even a reminders tab to help you remember anything you need help with! From here, you'll want to click on the "Boards" tab, which is the second in from the left. That will take you to the new forums where you can explore and learn how you can change the Joli theme (that's the default you'll log into) to one you'd prefer to use.

It's a lot of new updates, but it's exciting too! Take your time and please don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have :D

Have fun, and happy roleplaying!

If you need help navigating the forums, please view this link titled How to Use the New Forums.

-AAA Staff

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