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Site RulesSMF RulesForum Rules
    1. Keep it PG-13.
      2. Play nice.
      • Don't godmod or try to take control of other people's characters (without their permission). Everyone should be able to have fun in a roleplay.
        3. Anyone can roleplay!
        • Even if you don't yet have a Companion character, you are still allowed to interact and RP as a "future owner" or other created Non-Companion Character. We want all our users to be able to participate, and as the companions are a bit limited due to the unique art nature, we would love to see you getting involved, even before getting a Companion! Be sure to look at the allowed character races.
          4. Common Courtesy
          • Be respectful of your fellow users (make love, not war!). Treat other how you'd like to be treated, and please don't cause drama, or you may find yourself on the wrong end of the Admin Stick (if you repeatedly break forum rules).
            5. Community Input
            • Our community is made up of our users! Your input is important to us.  If you have concerns, comments, or suggestions, please use the Community Input form to get in contact with an admin member.  These forms are only seen by the admin staff and will not be shared with others.
              6. Common Sense
              • Most people should have it, and if you don't....should you really be here? If you really are having trouble with something don't be afraid to use the Assistance forum or PM a staff member!
                7. Rant Board Rules
                • Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.
                • Rants may be about generalized things, such as things happening in your life, websites annoying you, etc.
                • Rants may NOT be about specific people.  For example, you can rant about deviant Art and their submission system, but you cannot rant about a specific user on deviant Art.  
                • Rants may NOT include personally identifiable information, especially in regards to someone else.
                • Everyone is allowed to have their own opinions on a topic, and those opinions need to be respected.  Please do not argue with people in rants.
                • Topics that degenerate into arguments, flaming, trolling, or devolve into name-calling and the like will be removed.
                • Topics created or that turn into rants that specifically hurt someone else’s feelings will be removed.
                • This board is to allow users to get worries off of their chests and let off some steam, not generate more!
                • Be respectful of each other.  This board has been a great help to many of us in the past as it is a safe place to air our worries and fears.
                  8. Brag Board Rules
                  • Do not brag about offensive or trigger-causing topics.  This includes, but is not limited to: physical, mental, or emotional harm; partaking in illegal substances; criminal activities; or graphic sexual experiences.
                  • Keep in mind that we have a wonderfully diverse community and not everyone may share your same feelings.  <3
                  • Posts breaking these rules will be removed.