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[AAA's 7th] 7 Years of Writing Hub Thread [AAA's 7th] 7 Years of Writing Hub Thread
Add a comment: [AAA's 7th] 7 Years of Writing Hub Thread

This is Anima Adoption Anniversaries 7th year of existence. Oh how time flies! One of the traditional gifts of the 7th anniversary is a desk set (I know crazy right?) and so the staff has decided to take this theme and run with it! After all, we are a writing community!

We have a variety of events this year, lots of fun and games, with the return of some of our favourite contests.  A blast from the past, you might say.  You can enjoy some gorgeous art, a lot of good times, and many opportunities to win prizes!  We're looking forward to many more years with you all, and can't wait to see where we go next. =3

So grab your favorite warm drink, get a comfy chair, and get ready to write, color, think, and play with our wonderful events and games!

Certing Tag Redux: An All-Site Event Certing Tag Redux: An All-Site Event
Add a comment: Certing Tag Redux: An All-Site Event

With the site getting a makeover, we figured the certing tags weren't too far behind! But what makes this all the more special is that we are asking the entire site, users and staff alike, to get their artistic caps on and slap some ideas down on paper. That's right everyone, it's an all-site contest where every member gets to design a new certing tag and every member gets to vote on what our favorite is!

There are a few basics that each tag is required, but after that, you're free to come up with the shape, the color and whatever else your heart desires! These tags will be recreated into .psd's for our certers to use for any new and upcoming companions (as well as old ones, should you desire).

So what are the basic bits of information?

Quite simple!

This is what our certing tags currently look like:

Pretty simple, no?

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