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THE SITE HAS MOVED! Please visit http://www.animaadoptionagency.com/ to check out our new site, and register at the new forum! Thanks for your patience, everyone!!

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[AAA's 7th] 7 Years of Writing Hub Thread [AAA's 7th] 7 Years of Writing Hub Thread
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This is Anima Adoption Anniversaries 7th year of existence. Oh how time flies! One of the traditional gifts of the 7th anniversary is a desk set (I know crazy right?) and so the staff has decided to take this theme and run with it! After all, we are a writing community!

We have a variety of events this year, lots of fun and games, with the return of some of our favourite contests.  A blast from the past, you might say.  You can enjoy some gorgeous art, a lot of good times, and many opportunities to win prizes!  We're looking forward to many more years with you all, and can't wait to see where we go next. =3

So grab your favorite warm drink, get a comfy chair, and get ready to write, color, think, and play with our wonderful events and games!

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